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Healthy Hearts and Minds

Inspring all to keep Healthy and well

Evolve strive to offer activities that are open  to all to encourage people to keep active and keep well in body and spirit. 
Many people are put off from formal exercise classes  due to expense and the stylistic glitzy image that some of the gyms offer and their images often result in communities or individual feeling it's not the place for them.
Evolve pride themselves in developing programmes of activity bespoke to the audience to ensure it is inclusive and benefits all. 
We deliver work in care homes, Highbury Hospital, Schools, Local Community Venues. Below are some of the examples we offer. There will be more as we will continue to identify ways of creating activity that meet the needs of our community.

Our Programmes

Get Involved!

Womens Boxing & Circuits

We listen to the needs of the community and understand the barriers people have when it comes to finding time to do something for themselves. Our Women only Boxing sessions and circuit classes have been designed around the School day to remove some of the barriers preventing women from working on their own fitness and well being. Meeting other women, helping and supporting each other, helping shape positive social action and influence local decision making in the community for the benefit of everyone.


Nordic Walking

Working in partnership with Midlands Nordic Walking, we have a fully trained instructor supporting sessions on Broxtowe country park. Similar to other forms of moderate activity, regular Nordic walking can lower your risk of chronic illnesses, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, asthma, stroke and some cancers.
Providing an opportunity to get fitter, bringing communities together, and activate a local open space in a positive way.


Zumba with Charm 

Evolve are lucky to have brought along an amazing Zumba instructor.  Charmaine is passionate about encouraging  women in to exercise and delivers in an infectious style which has all her class wiggling and jiggling all to their own pace laughing and have fun.  All ages and abilities welcome.   

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Live team tweet about Evolve's activity programme

The  Live Team Active Partnership


Evolve Nottingham are delivering innovative packages of support for clients and community in Highbury Hospital. This has been a pilot piece of work which is now being extended, 
Evolve have very skilled community staff who have been able to work with staff and clients to bespoke a model of work which  has exceeded all expectation with   clients showing real improvement with cognitive behaviours and benefiting from the delivery and exercise and social interactions. . 
A good example of building creative partnerships and how inclusive Evolve are as an organisation.

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Golden Gloves

This project was developed to bring the benefits of Boxing to the residents of independent living schemes in Nottingham city. Working in partnership with GOGA NOTTS and Nottingham City Homes, this award-winning project helped residents become active, improve mobility, balance, memory, and coordination. But most importantly have fun and laugh together. Building confidence by having a go at an activity often seen as reserved for the young. Bringing young and old together under the common theme of Boxing.

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