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Building Strong Communities

Our Aims

Evolve Nottingham CIC work with young people, residents, and community groups within the Strelley, Broxtowe, Aspley areas. The area is located within the North of Nottingham City, the area is an extremely challenging area with some of the highest unemployment figures in the country alongside some of the lowest attainment in relation to education.  This is alongside some of the poorest health figures in the country with more people smoking in the Aspley ward than anywhere else in the city.  The Broxtowe estate located within the Aspley Ward of Nottingham (LSOA – E01013818) and is within the 1% most deprived out of 32482.

The key aims of the company are to:

  • Inspire and empower people to be actively involved in issues that affect their community.

  • Provide innovative and responsive effective services which reflect the needs of the community.

  • Provide young people with the best opportunities to achieve their full potential.

  • To provide a community hub and serviced that are valued and trusted.

  • Support Families.

  • To build healthy and active communities.

How We Help

It Starts With the Will to Make a Difference

Advice and Support

Evolve Nottingham are at the heart of the community and strives to meet the needs of the community it serves. It is based in an are of high deprivation (one of the highest nationally) and has such has developed a Local  Advice shop/Surgery  to assist residents access benefits that they are entitled to and to connect to  services and support available. This may include financial debt advice, substance misuse , and health and well being.  
Sessions are based at the Phoenix Centre  and Local Library.

Credit Assessment

Volunteering and Training  Opportunities

Here at Evolve we have a strong volunteer base and we encourage both young people and the community to volunteer and offer training guidance and support to achieve and develop pathways to employment.

We also are developing training courses and packages to build our success in developing bespoke coaching and delivery to a diverse audience with specific emphasis on it being community led building from the needs of the individual or audience needs. 

We offer a menu of community based learning starter  packages  to build confidence and skills to create more employment opportunities  for those  most away from the job market.

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Support For Families

Evolve run a holistic programme of activities through all the strands of work we deliver. We recognise at the core of our work is the need to support families.

Whether if be advice and guidance, including financial support, nutrition advice, life skills or support for parents (being a parent toughest jobs around) we are on hand locally to be there as a friendly approachable service.

Evolve have fully trained family advice workers on hand  to support and advocate for parents and families to help navigate the challenges parenting and family life often brings.  

Family Time
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